The following are software and services used to create this site and the content it hosts. Projects are listed in alphabetical order, however it's worthwhile to note all the content for the webpages, presentations and PDF books are done in Markdown, which is used for ease of maintainability.

  1. Adobe for photo editing and PDF compression
  2. Cloudflare for CDN and hosting
  3. GitHub for source control
  4. Go for minimal code to generate Markdown and resize images
  5. MkDocs for generating website from Markdown
  6. Pandoc for generating PDFs from Markdown
  7. Read the Docs for the MkDocs theme
  8. Remark for generating presentation slides from Markdown

This list serves two purposes:

  1. to thank the projects that make this site possible
  2. to encourage discussion with maintainers of other similar websites