Introducing Private Mint News

Private mints and their issues have a long and illustrious history, but it is often hard to assemble, often years later without good documentation. When working with sovereign mints like the United States Mint, there is often a lot of archives and records available to research which is not available for private mints.

To address this, Private Mint News is a new online publication focusing on numismatics from by private mints. Private mint issues or creations, often in the form of tokens and medals called exonumia, is a rich and evolving area, however, research information can be thin on both classic and recent issues, especially the latter. The goal of Private Mint News is to assist in rectifying this situation by documenting and discussing issues from Private Mints of all eras.

Coverage includes private mints issuers of all eras and locations with an initial focus on the United States. Modern issuer coverage will include Daniel Carr of Moonlight Mint, Ron Landis of Gallery Mint Museum, Jared Grove of Grove Minting, Provident Metals, and other issuers. Classic issuers will include issuers of tokens, medals and coins including Civil War Tokens, So-Called Dollars, Territorial and Pioneer coins as well as Private Patterns.

Please drop in, read some articles, and let us know what you think!