2018 Daniel Carr WWI Centennial U.S. Mint Invited Design Competition Concept Dollar

July 29, 2022

On July 29, 2022, Daniel Carr provided additional information on the 2018-D WWI Centennial Concept Dollar (aka Private Pattern) he made on the Collectors Universe forums in response to the post of a purchase of a silver specimen graded ANACS MS70 with a request for additional information.

The following are Daniel's own words on this piece.

As I remember, there were two phases to the design competition for the WW1 Centennial Dollar.

In the first phase, applicants submitted a resume and examples of their past work. This did not (yet) involve any designing for the WW1 coin.

From the pool of applicants from phase 1, the US Mint selected a number of artists to invite. Those invited were requested to submit renderings of their proposed design, as well as actual "sculpts" (galvanos). The Mint provided 9-inch diameter clear acrylic discs for artists to carve or use as bases for their sculpts.

This was an experimental program for the US Mint. It was the only design competition in recent times where actual sculpts were to be submitted by artists.

I carved my sculpts into the provided clear acrylic discs. I also cut 8-inch diameter black acrylic discs (which looked better than the clear, in my opinion). I submitted one set of clear sculpts and one set of black sculpts (and I kept one extra set of black sculpts). Eventually I also submitted two 38mm struck examples in silver.

Here are images of all the documents that I have regarding this design competition:

Original sketches:

Submitted renderings with different surface type and lighting style:

My extra set of black acrylic models:

Here is my letter that was sent with the materials:

This is the only related US Mint document that I have:

My mintages are documented on this page (second section from the top): moonlightmint.com/dc-coin_dollars_list.htm


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