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  1. So-Called Dollars: 1949 California Gold Rush So-Called Dollar and ANA Convention Badge
  2. So-Called Dollars: NGC Certifies Pedley-Ryan "J.O" Counterstamped HK-825 So-Called Dollars
  3. So-Called Dollars: The keets collection of So-Called Dollars
  4. So-Called Dollars: New Discovery of 1876 Independence Hall With Trees So-Called Dollar (HK-27) 5 and 6-pointed Star Varieties
  5. Private Patterns: 2018 Daniel Carr WWI Centennial Dollar U.S. Mint Invited Design Competition Concept Dollar
  6. So-Called Dollars: Rare Silver 1883 Newburg Centennial So-Called Dollar (GW-998, HK-135b) Sells at Baltimore
  7. So-Called Dollars: 8th Annual So-Called Dollar Fellowship Gathering & Educational Symposium
  8. Fantasy Coins: 1902-S U.S. Philippines (USPI) Peso Double Struck Error Fantasy Coin


  1. So-Called Dollars for War Service (SCD Fellowship 2023)
  2. So-Called Dollar Store Card Mules (SCD Fellowship 2021)


  1. John Adams Bolen and the Pynchon House


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